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"Because people matter, and they deserve our very best."

Fleet Mobile Services provides modern, preventative maintenance and state-of-the-art repair services predicated on old-fashioned values. Our approach is not based on sentimentality, but a consistent commitment to always doing business in the best interest of the customer regardless of profit. Fleet Mobile Services's Maintenance Excellence       approach stands on Quality, Integrity and Communication.
Fleet Mobile Services understands that it takes a whole lot more than just truck and trailer repair to keep a fleet running and on time. In order to meet the fluid, high-pace demands of trucking service centers and freight terminals, FMS sets itself apart by being the only fleet service provider to proudly offer a 360 DEGREE TOTAL MAINTENANCE SOLUTION (TMS)

In addition to exceptional Mobile On-Site Services, responsive 24/7 Roadside Repair, and quality PM & DOT Inspections for your mobile shipping fleet, Fleet Mobile Services's TOTAL MAINTENANCE SOLUTION also provides complete Dock Inspection, Service & Repair to ensure that your service centers and freight terminals and the vital equipment that keeps them running are able to keep pace with your ready fleet.

360 DEGREE TOTAL MAINTENANCE SOLUTION is not just your average fleet repair... Fleet Mobile Service arrives on site hours before scheduled transport begins and walks the docks and yard performing "pre" pre-trip inspections and outbound trailer checks - getting hours head start on any unidentified overnight repair needs - and performs preventative inspections and lubrication on every dock and trailer door.

​         Don't just ready your fleet. Ready your whole hub with FMS's 360 DEGREE TOTAL MAINTENANCE SOLUTION





Fleet Mobile Services believes that QUALITY extends beyond simply doing repair work correctly.
This is why all work done by FMS technicians is undertaken with an aim to prevent the need for future, repetitive repairs.

FMS's Maintenance Excellence approach not only strives to complete all work orders the same day they are requested, it also seeks to eliminate the causes of maintenance failures by working to prevent repairs, not just perform them.
At Fleet Mobile Services, INTEGRITY means more than just doing what is expected. It is transparent honesty with not only what is said and done, but also what is believed. 

FMS's commitment to Maintenance Excellence is founded on the belief that doing what is in the best interest of the customer is always the right thing to do - and why it commits to doing it, regardless of profitability. This is the reason why FMS never charges its contract customers a morning service call to the terminal. 
Fleet Mobile Services's commitment to quality COMMUNICATION extends beyond simply reporting completed work. It starts with 24/7 availability, continuous updates and coordination with dispatchers and drivers, and on through with conversations that address any issues that can potentially become a delivery interruption.

FMS's commitment to Maintenance Excellence leverages text, talk and technology to provide its customers real-time information for both planning and prevention.